Meet the Chairman


Roy started his career in the Ambulance Service in 1980 in Greater Manchester, becoming a Clinical Tutor in 1987 and a Driving Tutor in 1988. He was a full time Driving Tutor in 1989 and was Head of Training at Ladybridge Hall until 1995, where a high number of IHCD Trainers undertook their training.

In 1991, he became a member of the IHCD Directing Staff and was involved in the training of Tutors during this period. In 1994, he co-authored the IHCD “Gold Folder”, which was the standard handbook for all Tutors within the Ambulance Service and beyond.

By 1995, Roy joined the IHCD in the full-time role of National Manager of the Ambulance Service Awards, where he developed the IHCD Awards and managed a team of External Verifiers; a role which he still holds on a part time basis. During this time, he was involved in the review of all the Ambulance awards, including the Driving D1 and D2 and the associated question banks.

Latterly, Roy headed the Driving Department at Yorkshire Ambulance Service until retirement in 2016. He was a member of DTAG from 2008 and attended the Blue Light User Group meetings. It was here that he introduced the Level 2 and Level 3 Driving awards currently being offered by FutureQuals and recently attended the NPA training programme, being only one of two non NHS people to have done so.