Continuing our work – 21st October 2021


The BLTPA is continuing to engage with the DfT in relation to the expected legislative changes within Section 19 of the Road Safety Act. With the Act rumoured to be set for enactment in January 2022, these are crucial times to be up to date with the expected requirements. Following recent discussions with the DfT representative, confirmation was received that the legislation is now only awaiting sign off at Government level.

Independent Ambulance Association (IAA), 17th March 2017

The BLTPA is delighted to announced that we are now working alongside the Independent Ambulance Association (IAA).

The IAA is a not-for-profit trade association established in 2012 to be the voice of the regulated independent ambulance sector. A condition of membership is that applicants have to be registered with the Care Quality Commission (or similar body outside England).

Our members provide event medical coverage across the country, patient transport services, repatriation care, specialist bariatric and mental health transport and, increasingly, 999 emergency services to NHS Ambulance Trusts at times of peak demand. Further information can be found on their website.

Section 19 Meeting, 31st January 2017

The BLTPA has just completed the third meeting with leading civil servants and their advisors where the enactment of Section 19 was the main focus of discussions. The BLTPA representatives ensured the discussions reflected the best interests of the private sector and those that provide independent driver training to emergency response organisations.  Preparations are well advanced to support the enactment and it is believed this will happen this year.

Discussions took place around the licensing of blue light training organisations and it is fair to say that the plan is advanced, but still requires the fine detail before it can begin. Several organisations have been suggested as the authorising agents but each has its own difficulties fulfilling this demanding role.

Membership continues to grow and interest on social media is ensuring the BLTPA is a highly visible presence within the industry. It is intended to develop this site over the next few weeks to include a members-only area, a forum and a detailed member application process.

Please pass on the BLTPA details to colleagues who have a professional interest in emergency response driver training so we can grow this important initiative.